Is there anything special I need to be able to rent a 12 or 15 passenger van?

Yes. To rent a 12 or 15 passenger vehicle, you need 25 years of age or older and must have a minimum of three years driving experience. Passenger vans can be operated with a class D driver’s license.

Can we drive your vehicles on gravel roads?

Yes. Our vehicles are authorized to be driven on any maintained dirt or gravel road within the State of Alaska and/or Canada.   Our vehicles are not authorized for off-trail use, or river crossings, etc…  Authorized roads include, (but not limited to) are the Denali Highway, the McCarthy Road, the Dalton Highway, Top of the World Highway, and the Steese Highway.

Do the Alaska 4X4 Rentals rates include Unlimited Mileage?

Yes, our rates include unlimited mileage for travel within Alaska.

Can we drive your vehicles into Canada?

Yes.  For Renters interested in driving into Canada, you must let us know in advance and we will provide a letter of authorization specific to your rental in order to allow your vehicle to cross the border into Canada with proper documentation. 

*Note:  Additional mileage fees are applicable for our vehicles that travel into Canada – 250 miles per day mileage allowance.  An incremental fee of $0.50 per mile will be charged for additional miles that exceed the mileage allowance limit of 250 miles per day.

Is there an additional driver fee?

There is no fee for a second driver whom is a spouse or domestic partner. If the additional driver is not a spouse or domestic partner, the fee is $25 per additional driver, per vehicle.

What are your deposit policies?

We require a 25% deposit to confirm and secure a reservation.  The deposit is fully refundable, up to within 72 hours prior to your reservation scheduled arrival date.  If you cancel within the 72 hours prior to your reservation start, your deposit is non-refundable.

Does Alaska 4X4 Rentals offer delivery of vehicles to local Anchorage Hotels?

Yes, the following fees apply:

  • Drop off = $75
  • Pick-up  = $75

Do you offer One Way vehicle drop offs?

Yes, the following fees apply:

  • Anchorage to Fairbanks = $650
  • Fairbanks to Anchorage = $650
  • Anchorage / Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay = $1,500

Are taxes included in your listed vehicle rates?

No. Taxes and surcharges are additional.  These fees range from approximately 10% to 29% additional, depending on specific vehicle rental location. Note:  Quotes or reservations made online via our website will have all taxes, surcharges and fees incorporated into the quote or reservation.  

Is there an after hour pick up and/or drop off?

Yes, we have several options for your after-hours drop off and pick up requests at our site  locations. Please contact our office and speak to one of our customer service representatives about our the after hours service we can provide.

Do you offer any vehicles approved for smoking?

No. We offer a 100% NON-SMOKING vehicle rental fleet. Fees will apply for vehicles returned with a smoke odor.

Is there an age limit for approved drivers?

Yes. You must be 21 years of age to rent from Alaska 4×4 Rentals. DRIVERS UNDER THE AGE OF 25 YEARS OF AGE WILL BE CHARGED AN ADDITIONAL $25 / DAY.

How can I make a reservation?

You can easily make a reservation via our website by clicking the ‘Make a Reservation’ button on the home page.  You can also contact us via phone or e-mail to set up your reservation if you prefer.

Do you provide a Military Discount?

Yes. We are happy and proud to offer our armed services men and women a 10% discount on any rental, any time of year.

Which is better AWD or 4WD ?

AWD requires less power and is great for increasing traction on wet or icy roads. It’s not as powerful as 4WD though, which is great for driving on rough road or balancing out handling while towing heavy loads.

What additional discounts do you offer?

One discount applicable only:

  • Alaska Resident = 10%
  • AAA member = 10%
  • AARP member  = 10%
  • Military/Veteran Discount = 10%

What are your rental contract terms and conditions?

Click here to view our rental contract terms and conditions.